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Terms and conditions of sale

 Formation of the contract :

Any order for products and/or services distributed by our company, regardless of its origin, implies unreserved acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale. These terms and conditions supersede any clause to the contrary that may appear in the customer's contracts, documents or correspondence. It is understood that any clause appearing in the customer's contracts, documents or correspondence which would prevent the application of these terms and conditions, in the event that it is contrary to the provisions of the said documents, is considered null and void with regard to our company. In the event that a given order appears to be subject to exceptions to our general terms and conditions of sale, we reserve the right to make our acceptance subject to the application of special terms and conditions appropriate to the situation. This applies to any order of an abnormal nature, in particular one involving excessive financial risk, or from a customer who has not fulfilled all his obligations arising from previous business, or who has behaved unfairly towards our company or in a manner contrary to commercial practice. The financial risk presented by a customer may result in particular from the customer's suspension of payments, from commercial references deemed insufficient by our company, or from the fact that the customer is new or irregular. In this respect, we reserve the right to demand guarantees such as the guarantee of the court-appointed administrator and/or special payment terms (payment before departure of the goods).

Acceptance of orders :

All orders are deemed to have been accepted only after confirmation by our company. Any request for changes to the initial accepted order will only be binding on our company once we have accepted them. In any event, our acceptance remains subject to the condition that, until the delivery of all or part of the order to the addressees, no financial risk or any other element likely to call it into question has arisen.

Prices :

The prices of the products are fixed by a price list in force on the day of departure from the factory. Our company reserves the right to modify them at any time. In this respect, the prices and characteristic information appearing in the price lists, catalogues or other documents are given for information only, and may under no circumstances be considered as firm offers. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. For deliveries abroad, all taxes, duties and fees originating outside French territory shall be borne by the purchaser.

Terms of payment :

Any delay in payment will automatically give rise, without the need for any formal notice, to the payment of late payment penalties based on the ECB's key interest rate, plus 6 points, and to the payment of a fixed indemnity for collection costs of €40 (law no. 2012-387).


Pay for your order in 3 or 4 instalments by credit card from €100 up to €3000 with Oney Bank.
Our partner Oney Bank offers you a financing solution called 3x 4x Oney, which allows you to pay for your purchases from €100 to €3000 in 3 or 4 instalments using your bank card.

Conditions This offer is reserved for individuals (over 18 years of age) residing in France and holding a Visa or MasterCard bank card with a validity date greater than
the duration of the financing chosen. Systematic authorisation cards such as Electron, Maestro, Nickel, etc., as well as e-cards, Indigo cards and American Express are not accepted.

Subscription terms Once you have completed your order, simply click on the "3x 4x Oney payment by credit card" button. You will then be redirected to our partner's 3x 4x Oney web page, where you will find a detailed summary of your order and your personalised finance application, which you must then validate. Enter your personal details or, if you have a 3x 4x Oney account, log in using the login details for your 3x 4x Oney account. Read the general terms and conditions of payment in instalments to which you wish to subscribe, which are provided to you in PDF format so that you can read, print and save them before accepting them. You then notify your electronic acceptance by ticking the corresponding box.

You acknowledge that the "double click" associated with the tick box on the acknowledgement of the general terms and conditions constitutes consent to contract and irrevocable and unreserved acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the product.

In the absence of proof to the contrary, the data recorded by Oney Bank constitutes proof of all transactions between you and Oney Bank.

If you ask to benefit from a financing solution offered by Oney Bank, the information relating to your order will be transmitted to Oney Bank, which will use it to study your request for the purposes of granting, managing and collecting credit. Oney Bank reserves the right to accept or refuse your request for 3x 4x Oney financing. You have 14 days in which to cancel your loan.

How it works Payment in 3 or 4 instalments by credit card allows you to pay for your order on our website as follows

- a compulsory deposit, debited on the day of confirmation of dispatch of your order, corresponding to one third or one quarter of the order, to which are added charges corresponding to 1.45% of the total amount of the order for a 3 times payment and to 2.2 % for a 4 times payment (up to a maximum of €15 for a 3 times payment and up to a maximum of €30 for a 4 times payment);

- two or three monthly instalments, each corresponding to a third or a quarter of the order, taken 30 and 60 days later for the 3 instalments and 30, 60 and 90 days later for the 4 instalments.

● Payment in 3 instalments from £100 up to £3,000
Example: For a purchase of €150, deposit of €52.18 then 2 monthly payments of €50.
2-month loan at a fixed APR of 19.31%. Cost of financing: €2.18 up to a maximum of €15.

● Payment in 4 instalments from £100 up to £3,000
Example: For a purchase of €400, deposit of €108.80 then 3 monthly payments of €100.
3-month loan at a fixed APR of 19.61%. Cost of financing: €8.80 up to a maximum of €30.

Oney Bank - SA with capital of €51,286,585 - Registered office: 34 avenue de Flandre 59170 CROIX
- RCS Lille Métropole 546 380 197 - Orias n°: 07 023 261 - www.orias.fr - Correspondence: CS
60006 - 59 895 Lille Cedex 9 - www.oney.fr "

Deliveries :

For products that our company is responsible for shipping, unless otherwise agreed, the transfer of risks takes place on delivery. For products shipped outside France, the transfer of risks will take place in accordance with the incoterm shown on the order acknowledgement.

Delivery times :

The delivery period cannot begin until our company has received the payment stipulated in the order. In the case of export sales, the various authorisations (import licence, transfer authorisation or foreign currency) must be obtained beforehand. Any change occurring during the course of the order, even if accepted by our company, will result in an extension of the delivery period specified in the terms and conditions communicated by our company to the purchaser.

Delivery times for products in stock are one week.
Delivery times for products available to order are 3 months or less unless the manufacturer is out of stock.
Ballistic Protective Plates and Ballistic Helmets are made to order (lead times vary between 2-3 months) in order to maximise the guaranteed life of the products.

Force majeure :

Our company will be released from its obligations in the event of any event beyond our control which prevents or delays the delivery of the products. This will apply in particular in the event of an event such as strike, embargo, accident, interruption or delay in transport, impossibility of being supplied, or any other event beyond our control.


The customer declares that he/she has been informed of and is familiar with the manufacturer's general warranty conditions applicable to the products. The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or inappropriate use, or damage caused by accidents, negligence or use for which the product is not intended.
All equipment that has been used under normal conditions will also be replaced free of charge for a period of 2 years after the order has been placed.

Regulations on ballistic protection :

Our ballistic protection has been tested in independent laboratories and in the field and complies with NIJ 0101.06/0106.01 standards.

Our ballistic protectors are manufactured in China under strict quality control to ensure your safety.

They come with a 5-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. This guarantee does not apply in the event of non-normal use or poor storage conditions.

Ballistic Protectors can be purchased over the counter on presentation of an official identity document or a valid professional card.
We reserve the right to refuse any order that may appear suspicious or that does not include the required supporting documents.

Combat-Proof guarantee

All helmets purchased on our site by a professional from 01/03/2019 benefit from the "Combat-Proof" guarantee.
This guarantee is only available to professionals (military personnel, gendarmes, police officers, security guards) who have presented their professional card as proof of identity when purchasing their ballistic helmet.

Once these conditions have been met, the said guarantee covers, for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery of the helmet, any impact (shrapnel, direct impact from a warhead) to which the helmet may be subjected when it is worn by the customer and only by the customer during an official operation in the customer's service and within the scope of the customer's duties.

In such a case, the helmet will have to be returned to our services for analysis, after which it will be returned to the customer with an identical new helmet.

This free replacement may take place once (1) during the warranty period.

Right of Withdrawal :

The Customer has a statutory right of withdrawal for 14 days following receipt of payment for the order.
If the Customer has been delivered, the cost of returns will be borne by the Customer.

Our Company will reimburse the Customer within 14 days of the said withdrawal, unless the goods are returned late.
The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending us the withdrawal form available at the bottom of the page, using the form provided by our Customer Service department, within 4 weeks of its issue. At the end of this period, the returns procedure is considered cancelled.
Any failure by the Customer to comply with the procedure will render our Company's obligations to the Customer null and void.

Cancellation :

Cancellation of orders in stock is free of charge and possible as long as the delivery notes have not been issued.

The delivery times for the products are stipulated on each product sheet and indicated in the order confirmation e-mail and the invoice. Any order in progress can only be cancelled if the longest delivery time announced when the order was placed is exceeded.

Ban on auctions :

The Customer may not resell our company's products by auction, on the Internet or in any other way.

Jurisdiction clause :

Any disputes arising from the performance or interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the French courts.

Return/retraction form:


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